About Us

Having spent 50 glorious years in the book trade, MK Books specializes in books on IELTS and related study material in India and SAARC countries.

Domestic market:

We have large list of active customers which includes Wholesalers, Retailers, and Institutions. In addition we maintain classified mailing addresses which are frequently kept informed through promotional material of our latest publications/new arrivals, etc.

International Connections:

We have distribution/representation arrangements with leading Publishers namely Oxford University Press, Cambridge, Cengage, Pearson and McGraw-Hill & Macmillan. Also, leading publishers of IELTS have given us the licence to reprint their books from Australia, UK and Taiwan.


We customize IELTS study material as per the requirements of Institutions. 

Our Strength:

Low pricing: In order to curb piracy, we always keep in mind the cost effectiveness factor alongwith maintaining high quality of books while we publish.

Prompt Service: Ever since, we have maintained a record of ‘same day dispatch’ which has helped us gain trust among our beneficiaries.

Milestones achieved:

We have sold a record number of copies on ‘Ultimate Guide to IELTS Speaking’ & 'The Ultimate Guide to IELTS Writing' still Bestseller (By Parthesh Thakkar). This happens to be the Highest grossing Indian book on IELTS Speaking across the world.

Our another Indian reprint, ‘101 Helpful Hints for IELTS General & Academic’ is in its 9th Print, which has been a major part of our success story.

Future plans:

We are constantly upgrading & launching new Books on IETLS (By Indian & Foreign Authors) and have ventured into publication of School Books (under the Brand Name 'Accurate Publishing Solution') for the Domestic market.